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Maybe they didn't have AIDS. Perhaps seeing the the Golden Ladies on a loop basically rotted their brains and so they died. Certain looks as if It really is taking place to men and women here!

This was never built clear. I do not know why, but I often assumed Blanche and George moved to Miami once the Young ones were being grown.

Also her instruction was everywhere in the map. She mentions 2x in time 2 that she went to varsity, then in season 4, she both dropped from high school or went to varsity at St. Gustav University, dependant upon the episode.

This was drilled in incessantly on the viewers, but another subplot or script that conflicted with this was disregarded.

Many thanks R48. I assumed it had been fantasy but the women are generally rugged up so I started to speculate if my picture of Miami in Wintertime was Incorrect. Nope. Just One more inconsistency.

It's inconsistent that Blanche would be amazed that Rose could well be much better than her at soiled dancing, due to the fact Blanche would have known in the time they did a dance marathon that Rose experienced unbelievably limber dance skills, together with cartwheels and splits.

I know a good deal of men and women in their twenties who love and look at THE GOLDEN GIRLS in reruns. (ninety five% straight people today far too, go determine) The show is actually timeless.

It isn't really unheard of for all 3 for use from the read more same machines, especially if subassemblies ended up made by distinctive organizations.

[quotation]it really is without a doubt implied that Blanche raised her spouse and children in Miami, in fact I believe she basically suggests dental implants Newark OH it from the episode the place the Japanese person features to buy your home.

The episode the place Rose loses her position generally blows my mind since the ladies act like obtaining a task being a hospital administrator - a thing that individuals get graduate levels at Harvard for - is something which may be reached by bullshitting a resume.

Portion of what's a little bit infuriating will not be that some plot details are inconsistent, but there was no try to make the clearly show rational, Despite having the addition of a throwaway line.

The one that has usually bothered me the most was that Michael was 28 while in the episode in which he beds Rose's daughter but is just 22 2 several years later on when he marries the girl 2 times his age (and it's the same actor.)

Prior to this thread I'd under no circumstances paid out focus to the amount of sweaters they wore. They generally dressed like they were freezing. Who freezes in Miami?

The "Below at Datalounge, It can be 1989 eternally!" thread jogged my memory that this has not been bumped shortly.

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